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Yash Singh
Covid 19 Era Technology Improvements

Covid 19 Era Technology Improvements

Over Covid-19, there were many improvements in technology, expecially in the frontend. I created an infographic summarizing these changes.

Among those not in the infographic, here are some more:

Death to IE11

Supporting IE11 can be very painful. You have to install the correct polyfills, use older functions, configure your target to be lower and still try to support the syntax you are using, the list just goes on (they don't even support startsWith). IE11 has reached its end of life and Microsoft is now recommending Microsoft Edge.

Many websites have already stopped supporting IE11 (you can see a list of a few here).

Switch to Modern Frameworks

As of the latest StackOverFlow surveys, people are starting to switch to modern frameworks such as React, Svelte, Vue, etc. from older ones such as JQuery or VanillaJS. I believe these frameworks can:

  1. Make learning frontend easier
  2. Simplifies many complex tasks
  3. Make handling compatability easier
  4. Make your application more maintainable
  5. Overall optimize your application

Introduction of C++20

As of December 2020, C++ introduced C++20. One of the most important features is the introduction of a modular system.