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Yash Singh
Path to Programming for Kids

Path to Programming for Kids

Today is a day filled with technology. Everywhere around us, we use it. On our PCs, cell phones, IPads, etc. However when it comes to building apps for them, not everyone knows how to do that.

What is programming?

Programming is giving a computer a set of instructions to follow and perform.

Getting Started

The best place to get started depends on the path you want to take.

Web Developer

For those who want to become a web developer, the best option should be to read Javascript for Kids.

It is a simple book that gives an introduction to Javascript.

After that, start learning some nodejs and npm.

Game Developer

Game development is a growing industry. Due to coronavirus, Unity and Roblox has seen its boom in the year of 2020. Depending on where you want to release your game, the following two are some options:


Unity allows you to release your game to a variety of platforms and write them in C#. However, getting assets such as sound, scripts, textures, etc. is a bit difficult. It is also not too much beginner-friendly in my opinion. Here are some learning resources:

Roblox Studio

Roblox Studio allows you to write in Lua, a much simpler language. Getting assets is not too difficult in the platform, however it only allows you to release to Roblox, meaning you can't make a seperate website, app, etc. for playing your game. However, it makes it much easier to release, because you just need to push your game to Roblox, instead of others. The only problem is that Roblox Studio doesn't have too many resources to get started with it. Here are a few:

Learning Git

Once you have a good idea, with your field, I suggest that you learn Git, and contribute to open source. Here is a link to their official book.