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Yash Singh
React Router DOM with live-server

React Router DOM with live-server

In one of my projects I was using React Router DOM and hosting my site using live-server.

However the problem was that even though I was able to click, for example a link to an about page, I couldn't open it manually at the route /about.

It would display the following message:

Cannot GET /about


Let's start with why this message is appearing. live-server gets a request at /about and looks for a about.html in the dist/ directory, but it doesn't find one, giving back this message. react-router-dom works with the idea that all paths will return the source code for index.html and it would just read the path requested and display the respective component.

Fixing it

The solution would be to use the --entry-file option inside the CLI.

Here is the documentation on it:

serve this file (server root relative) in place of missing files (useful for single page apps)

This would just return the contents of the file specified whenever a 404 has to be returned. Here is how to use it with live-server:

live-server dist --entry-file=index.html